CHC CONSULTING ASIA PACIFIC LLP   Chandigarh, Mohali   07th December,2019
  •   Interpersonal Communication, Communication Skills, Time Management, AutoCAD, Detailing,Design Engineering,Management Skills,Telecom Engineering, OSP
  •   Negotiable
  •   Full Time
  •   Telecom/Communications
  •   any
  •   1-6 Years
  •   B.Tech

Job Description

The Engineer will be trained to be responsible for the design and engineering of the most cost-effective, high quality OSP work prints while meeting all client deadlines. Upon completion of training, the Engineer will be able to provide quality OSP designs with accurate access points, calculations, best path analysis, and cost effectiveness.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (Including, but not limited to:)
Visualize and Create CAD Drawings to ensure adherence to established specifications and standards
Revise and update existing drawings reflecting design changes, based on customer needs
Organizing and uploading drawings to web-based storage sites to share drawings with customer
Collaborate with Overseas counterparts to ensure \'On Time Delivery\' of Projects
Provide backup for other team members based on project size, type and to meet Project Due Date
Engineer in the public right of way and on private property for the prevention of conflict with existing facilities.

Bachelor\'s degree in Technology or Engineering.
Proficient in latest AutoCAD Version (2019 Preferable) and preferred experience on AutoCAD for at least 8 Months in the past year
Highly organized, self-starter, and detail oriented.
Excellent verbal and written interpersonal communication skills.
Time management skills.
Ability to be flexible, extend shift when required, adapt to changes in schedule and workflow priorities.
Critical thinking skills; make assessments and provide solutions to problems.
Ability to maintain professional tact in a fast-paced work environment with internal personnel and clients.